Liz Rose on Writing "Tim McGraw" with Taylor

It will be 10 years this Sunday since Taylor debuted the first single of her career "Tim McGraw", which she co-wrote with Liz Rose at just 14 years old. iHeartRadio posted an interview with Liz looking back at what is was like working with Taylor.

Liz on how she met Taylor:

We met in a writer's round. I did a couple of songs and after I did 'em, she walked up and introduced herself and asked me if I would write with her. I was like, "Sure." [laughs] So we wrote. We [wrote] just a couple of times and then we got into this groove of writing every week. We just started writing, and I don't remember if it was Tuesdays or Wednesdays. I think it was Tuesdays. She would come over on Tuesdays about 4:00 after she got out of school and we would write for a couple hours. We did it every week for a long time.

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