Taylor and Calvin End Relationship, Still On Good Terms

The news came out Wednesday afternoon by People Magazine that Taylor and Calvin had broken up after 15 months together. The report has not been confirmed yet by neither Taylor nor Calvin and there has been no statement by Taylor's PR. Calvin has since tweeted and confirmed their break up. Taylor also retweeted his tweet.

What we've heard so far is that Taylor and Calvin had broken up even before Calvin's car accident that happened on May 20. We've also heard reports that the two of them are on good terms and there was no drama between them.

They had celebrated their one year anniversary back in March by taking a tropical vacation together.


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The two met last year at the Brit Awards when they were introduced by their mutual friend Ellie Goulding.

Taylor Swift + Adam Wiles

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If the reports are indeed true, we wish nothing but the best for both of them.

Not much more is known at this point, but if more information arises we will be sure to post it.

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